“Cynthia Knox is a dedicated teacher.  Her expertise in the colored pencil media is absolutely astounding.  She has the ability to inspire, motivate, and educate her students to achieve levels they never knew imaginable.  Cynthia is one of the finest teachers I have been privileged to know.” -B. LaBelle


“You are a fantastic artist and teacher!  Michelle and I enjoyed this workshop more than any other since your workshop on the 2015 Alaska cruise.  We will fly down again from BC, Canada, for your next one.”  – Elaine Cooke, Facebook



“I have known Cynthia for several years but have never taken a workshop in person.  I own a few of her books and Craftsy classes.  Wow!!  Meeting Cynthia in person and taking this class was even better than I could have imagined.  I can’t wait to take another workshop from her.”  – Dianne Gruber


“My first workshop with Cynthia and it will be the first of many!  SUPER instructions, help, and great FUN!  Love this project.  Ready for the next one.”  – Sheryl Nelson


“Cynthia’s work is absolutely breathtaking.  She meets the student’s expectations in her easy to follow, step-by-step presentations…” – D. Joy


“Cynthia Knox’s workshops have been invaluable to me!  I have traveled all over the country to attend them.  She makes the most difficult techniques seem easy, so I am able to immediately incorporate what she teaches into my work.  She’s professional, approachable, energetic, and so much fun!” – J. Gordon

Photo: S. Guerette


Photo: S. Guerette

 “So far I have been able to attend all the workshops that Cynthia has taught in The Villages (Florida).  She is amazing as an artist, as a teacher, and as a person.  She has a way about her that makes her students feel very comfortable around her.  Her classroom material is always well prepared, and she takes the time to help each student.  I am looking forward to another one of Cynthia’s workshops in 2019!”  – R. Conboy 


“Cynthia Knox is the best teacher for colored pencil.  Great personality, loves what she does, and will circulate and assist!” – Vegas workshop student





“Amazing!! Gifted Teacher!!!” – I have all three Craftsy classes and almost all of her books… the remaining three are on the way.  Cynthia is an amazing, gifted instructor!  Along with her talent, she is compassionate for her students and answers questions patiently with a good response time.  Not only does she support her students, but also gives necessary pointers when improvements can be made.  I would take more classes from her if there were more to take.  I would highly recommend her as an instructor for any level of artist…the extreme beginner to the professional looking to try a new medium.   – Juanita

“Cynthia Knox is an AWESOME teacher!  She makes this class easy and fun!  I have painted before but never thought of colored pencil as a medium for vivid colors.  In this class she will teach you how to use pencils to produce flowers as if you painted them.  I’m truly amazed at how beautiful the results are.  I highly recommend this class for beginners to advanced artists.  You will not be disappointed!” – J. Hamilton

 “I have taken several of Cynthia Knox’s colored pencil courses, and they were worth every penny.  Her effective teaching style and artistic skills launched my own skills several years into the future after a long hiatus.  She really is a superb colored pencil teacher and will help anyone, at any skill level, create beautiful work.  – D. Hoque

“This class is really nice to have as a reference when I run across a particular texture.  Cynthia is a stellar teacher for intermediate beginners like me.  Her style is approachable, and she keeps it fun and low stress. “ – Meredith P.